Harriet (portrayed by divinely talented actress, Marki Michelle) lives an unconventional life. She already has a lot going on between trying to get her brother out of jail and trying to climb the judicial ladder toward judgeship, when she is offered an intriguing opportunity by a political insider Mr. Abraham. (Lance E. Nichols.)

“The Possibility of Harriet” is meant to explore the great disadvantages black women have been dealing with throughout American history and are still dealing with today. In a patriarchal society dominated by white men, black men have often found themselves disenfranchised and black women have often been called upon to compensate for that burden. Between taking care of the family at home to being providers themselves, to handling all the emotional baggage, black women are truly super heroes. “The Possibility of Harriet” explores one black woman’s relationship to family, career and romance in a meaningful way to contemporary society. Harriet embodies the strengths and weaknesses of the magical black woman in an entertaining, but poignant film.