Harold is in his 12th year of marriage. An evening with an enigmatic stranger changes things for everyone. In this original version of “The Adulterer” we begin a visual conversation about monogamy, identity, expectations and the choices we make in serves to those qualities… or in spite of them.

Adulterer Blackstar(300)


“The Adulterer” began its festival run at Los Angeles Black Film Fest and then a few weeks later jumped coasts to the 30th Ft. Lauderdale international Film Fest. Along the way several stops and many screenings took place. “The Adulterer” won the coveted Remi award at 49th annual Worldfest Houston International Film festival in the category ‘Dramatic Original series’, an award shared by Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Ang Lee. “The Adulterer” capped its festival run with screenings in Chicago For Black Harvest film festival at the Gene Siskel center and Atlanta for Bronzelens film festival where it shared a premiere with Issa Rae’s “Insecure” and “Queen Sugar.”  In total “The Adulterer” Screened at 12 Festivals in all regions of the country.