St Roch Film Academy

St. Roch Film Academy


An 8 week bootcamp for young filmmakers. Saturday mornings beginning September 21, 2019 between 10am-2pm, a group of no more than 10 aspiring filmmakers will meet with SRFA administrator Gian Smith for instruction and production of 3 collective film projects. The final versions of these 3 films will be screened on Saturday December 14, 2019 at the 2nd annual Black Film Festival of New Orleans as the headlining films for the Young Filmmakers Block.


The division of labor for each film project will be divided into three categories: Production, Crew & Talent. Each filmmaker will serve a role in one of these capacities on each film, rotating through all three categories. They may take on more than one role as well.


Pre-Production– Writing, Set design, Wardrobe, Location Scouting, Casting etc.

Crew– Director, Cinematographer, Gaffer, Grip, Audio, Makeup

Talent/Post-Actors, Editing, Marketing


Each week the filmmakers will be given instruction and skill to understand how to make a movie from beginning to end. This instruction will be supported by field training and will culminate with the movie screening.


All high school students and up, to age 25, may be considered for admission to SRFA19

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