While there are no definitions that can hold her, there are quite a few words that come to mind to describe her. DaVIDA CHANEL is an entertainment juggernaut, intent on not following the path laid before her but rather charting her own course.

From a very young age, DaVIDA CHANEL didn’t mind being the center of attention. Like most kids, she got her “big break” at her place of worship. Her star potential was utilized in a variety of church plays and programs at the Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church. Those early experiences built her confidence, allowing her to become comfortable as a public speaker. Once school age, DaVIDA CHANEL coupled that speaking ability with a natural gift of storytelling. However, because her “stories” were viewed as lies by teachers and peers causing much conflict, she decided life would be easier if she suppressed that gift. As a college student at Southern University, out of her small town and on her own, she was free to explore her creative talents. DaVIDA CHANEL wrote for the school newspaper, held office in student government and within her sorority, won several pageants and hosted campus shows and events. Upon graduation, she longed to move to Los Angeles but once again she let the goals and concerns of others determine her next move. She became a teacher at a local magnet school where she ironically encouraged her students to never give up on their dreams and desires. When she received an end of the year card from her prized pupil telling her she should follow her heart, DaVIDA CHANEL knew it was time to move on. Under the influence of the fears of others, now afraid to make the leap to Los Angeles, she found herself at Purdue University as an Assistant Sports Information Director and then a student at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law. After completing her first year, a highly daunting scholastic task, DaVIDA CHANEL knew that she could no longer deny her true passion. Once she earned her Juris Doctorate, she made the move to Los Angeles. After a few months of pounding the pavement, she landed a coveted position on the desk of Vincent Cirrincione, long-term manager to Academy Award winner Halle Berry. Serving as his apprentice allowed her to get a bird’s eye view on the inner workings of Hollywood. This and further positions around Tinseltown allowed her to see the variety of career opportunities that film and television production allowed. Always the multitasker, DaVIDA CHANEL was comforted to find that the most successful people in entertainment industry wore a variety of hats.Davida At Hip Hop Is Alive

When she worked at Brillstein Entertainment Partners, she encountered some of the world’s major stars that were not only successful at acting, but were directors and producers as well. Her next gig was assistant to mogul Benny Medina, who over stood Hollywood’s lone rule: there are no rules in Hollywood. Medina, who has seen success as a performer, record executive, film producer, talent manager and has played a hand in developing the careers of today’s top names in pop culture, inspired DaVIDA CHANEL to forge her own path, not falling prey to the belief that success in entertainment followed a particular path. She is a hard-working hustler fueled by great, innovative ideas that come from deep within. She’s an inspiring figure who understands that her greatest gift is that she is a catalyst with the power to empower the lives of others. Recognizing that her home state of Louisiana could now play a big part in the next era of entertainment history, DaVIDA CHANEL decided to move back home to pursue physical production positions. The move to New Orleans has proven to be both fruitful and insightful as since her move, Louisiana has become a leader in television and film production.

DaVIDA CHANEL has found balance by wearing a variety of hats to perfect her craft of producing. With the popularity of Internet blogging, she has found a platform for her storytelling – on her blog she shares the stories of her life to hundreds of readers a week. In the fall of 2011, DaVIDA CHANEL created and produced her first play, HIP HOP IS ALIVE, for the New Orleans Fringe Festival. The play later went on to be a part of the Atlanta and Chicago Fringe Festivals in 2013. She currently plays one of the female leads in Gian Smith’s webseries “open mike”, based on the spoken word scene in New Orleans. DaVIDA CHANEL will work as festival manager of the 25th annual New Orleans Film Festival during the fall of 2014. Her experience in Hollywood talent representation has not gone to waste as she has launched a boutique talent agency to represent talent throughout the Southeast region. Lastly, DaVIDA CHANEL serves as a talented theatre instructor at Alice M. Harte Middle School. Additionally, DaVIDA CHANEL utilizes her experience by working in production on film and television projects filming in New Orleans, marketing, public relationships and consulting under the banner, DaVIDA CHANEL PRODUCTIONS.

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