Mike, a New Yorker, moves to New Orleans by way of a teacher recruiting service. Mike is looking for ways to meet women and is drawn to the somewhat underground spoken word scene when the enchanting Lola passes him on her way to work.

Mike & Arch

He realizes the untapped potential of spoken word poetry and sets out to start his own open mic, enlisting the support of his coworker Archibald to provide capital and financial know-how and Lola’s roommate Chanel, a well-connected local personality. The three embark on creating an event but run into roadblocks as Mike is distracted by Lola and Chanel’s sister Christy, a teacher at the school with Mike and Archibald, while the group struggles with their collective lack of spoken word culture and etiquette.

Arch & Christy

“open mike” is set on the canvas of the great city of New Orleans.


It’s culture, its music, its scenery, its poetry and its essence are on full display through unique captures by the city’s very own spoken word poets, jazz musicians and creator Gian Francisco Smith’s lens.


Learn more about the wonderful actors featured in “open mike” in the ‘Cast/Characters’ section. Check out the drop-down menu to get familiar with the residents of the “open mike” universe through their profiles and teaser videos, and also read up on the bio of each actor with images that link to their websites when clicked.

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the session

“The Visual Artists” section gives access to those that bring color to the canvas of “open mike”




“open mike” is dedicated to the memory of Marc Christopher Lundberg, a dear friend who was everyone’s biggest fan. Thanks for visiting “open mike” and Bless Up




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