BFFNO Online Filmfest 2020

BFFNO Online

Welcome to the Black Film Festival of New Orleans Online Edition. Continue reading for instructions on how you can join us for:

1. Exclusive movie streaming from our talented independent filmmakers including live Question and Answer sessions

2. Live performances by some of the city of New Orleans’ finest comedians, poets, musicians & more.

3. Our community film project where YOU become the filmmaker!

4. Our Ironman filmmaker challenge with cash prize.

5. We’ll see what other surprises we can come up with along the way!

BFFNO Online Film Schedule

3/29-STUCK by Praheme the Praphet
3/30- Bloom by the Mubarak brothers
3/31-Plaquemines by Nailah Jefferson
4/1-The Existential Donut by Jason Pierre
4/2-Training Wheels by Sanicole
4/3-Theo’s Trade by Albert Lawrence
4/4-The Sound of Silence by Donald Wilson
4/5-Blood Runs Down by Zandashe Brown
4/6-Tagged by Daniel Ferrell
4/7-Crescent by Edward Worthy & The Dark Brothers
4/8-Paris Blues in Harlem by Nadhege Ptah
4/9-Showtime by Shawn Antoine II
4/10-Guilty by Nicole Collins
4/11-Get Over It by Jay Ridley
4/12- Greenlight by Jonathan Isaac Jackson
4/13- Ironman Filmmakers challenge

Film Streaming

Visit BFFNOtv on Youtube Daily starting March 29-April 13.

The link for the BFFNO Short Film of the Day will open at Noon cst and close at Midnight. For more details see video above.

Filmmaker Q&A

Watch the live interviews by visiting our instagram at 7pm cst and clicking on the BFFNO icon to join the live interview session. Each interview will feature a live performance during intermission.

Community Film Project

Instructions and Guidelines for Community Film Participation

Wednesday April 1, 2020 visit Black Film Festival of New Orleans on Facebook.

BFFNO will post the details of the movie. (Characters, plot, location)

Limit your response to five sentences total! Only the first five sentences of your comment will be used.

Your five sentences can be any combination of lines of dialogue or actions for the characters, but only five sentences total.

1 comment per participant.

Only the first 50 comments will be used.

Movie will premiere on Sunday April 12

Ironman Filmmaker Challenge

Instructions and Guidelines for Filmmaker Challenge

Check back on March 29 for film content details.

You will be given a character name, a line of dialogue and a hashtag you must use in your film to qualify.

All other standard BFFNO rules apply. Including our rule your film must be by a black filmmaker or feature black American culture or characters.

One person crew with the exception of actors. All camera work, audio, writing, editing, are done by the filmmaker.

You may not have any actors within 6 feet of each other on screen together.

3 locations max.

Max film runtime 4 minutes.

Submit final copy of your film to by April 12.

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