The Black Film Festival of New Orleans was created to ensure representation of the American film maker of color. We here at BFFNO appreciate film, television, and content from all races and ethnicities. However, this space exists with the intentionality of representing those who may have otherwise found issue having their voice recognized in a world where most evaluations are made from people who don’t look like us and therefore, don’t gravitate to, or may not fully grasp our expressions.

New Orleans is a city that currently and historically has given voice to black American artists. Our city is deep in tradition and access for artists of color. It’s only right that we celebrate our film accomplishments as well.

Over four days we will highlight filmmakers of color from New Orleans and throughout the United States. There will be an awards ceremony to recognize the best film and performances of the films submitted. And most importantly… there will be parties!

IMG_2782.jpgThis page and this event are being run and coordinated directly by me. As a filmmaker myself I have been through this festival circuit and know the importance of a direct connection. You don’t have to be Ava Duvernay, or Spike Lee to be acknowledged and treated with the respect you and your film deserve at the BFFNO. I am a lifelong resident of New Orleans and have been an artist and promoter here for over a decade. I am dedicated to making sure that everyone who comes to BFFNO enjoys their experience, whether they are a content creator, a cinephile, or a passerby. My festival might be in its beginning stages but you won’t be disappointed. So come on out!




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