love tap

A band of hip musicians discuss the origin of music while lovers love, as other lovers lament.

“A visual poem meets jazz” describes Gian Francisco Smith’s “love tap” the episode in this miniseries about love, identity, and relationships. The ensemble cast delivers beats and moments that harken upon the noir romance love jones while the music and mood exhibit traces of Mo Betta Blues

love tap was created with proceeds from a generous $12,000 grant from the Gene Siskel Center in Chicago, Illinois. The film was the collaborative effort of creator Gian Francisco Smith & Leonard Stewart for their production company Possibilities@Play and the brilliant cinematic work of Kenneth Brown of CharleeSummerProductions.

Reviewed by Barbara Scharres of Chicago Sun Times as “Love and attraction move to the variable rhythm of a jazz drummer’s beat in this impressionistic drama”


Kamille McCuin, Omar Washington, Chuck Perkins, Rahim Glaspy, John Lacarbriere III, Danzel Square & Jasmine B. Johnson,

Written & Directed: Gian Francisco Smith

Cinematography: Kenneth Brown

Music: Mario Abney

Wardrobe & General Dopeness: Tiffani Sheriff of Musings

Writing Credits: Sha’Condria “Icon” Sibley & Ayo Scott

Watch love tap right here!

Watch love tap here

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